See all the 1992 Number One hits from the UK below and find out who had the longest running number one in the UK singles chart. Click on a Song Title to view full details of any song from the UK 1992 singles chart.

Artist Song Title Weeks at Number OneDate
Whitney HoustonI Will Always Love You1029-11-1992
Charles and EddieWould I Lie To You215-11-1992
Boyz II MenEnd Of The Road325-10-1992
Tasmin ArcherSleeping Satellite211-10-1992
The ShamenEbeneezer Goode413-09-1992
SnapRhythm Is A Dancer602-08-1992
Jimmy NailAint No Doubt312-07-1992
ErasureAbba Esque507-06-1992
KWSPlease Dont Go503-05-1992
Right Said FredDeeply Dippy312-04-1992
Shakespears SisterStay816-02-1992
Wet Wet WetGoodnight Girl419-01-1992

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