Number Ones in 1996

The following list is the Number One hits in 1996. Click on a Song Title to view full details of these songs from the UK 1996 singles chart.

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Spice Girls2 Become 1322-12-1996
DunblaneKnockin On Heavens Door115-12-1996
BoyzoneA Different Beat108-12-1996
Peter AndreI Feel You101-12-1996
The ProdigyBreathe217-11-1996
Robson and JeromeWhat Becomes Of The Broken Hearted203-11-1996
The Spice GirlsSay Youll Be There220-10-1996
The Chemical BrothersSetting Sun106-10-1996
Deep Blue SomethingBreakfast At Tiffanys129-09-1996
The FugeesReady Or Not215-09-1996
Peter AndreFlava108-09-1996
Spice GirlsWannabe721-07-1996
Gary BarlowForever Love114-07-1996
The FugeesKilling Me Softly107-07-1996
Baddiel and Skinner and The Lightning SeedsThree Lions (2nd entry)130-06-1996
FugeesKilling Me Softly402-06-1996
Baddiel and Skinner and The Lightning SeedsThree Lions126-05-1996
Gina GOoh Aah... Just A Little Bit119-05-1996
George MichaelFastlove328-04-1996
Mark MorrisonReturn Of The Mack214-04-1996
The ProdigyFirestarter324-03-1996
Take ThatHow Deep Is Your Love303-03-1996
OasisDont Look Back In Anger125-02-1996
Babylon ZooSpaceman521-01-1996
George MichaelJesus To A Child114-01-1996

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