Number Ones in 1992

The following list is the Number One hits in 1992. Click on a Song Title to view full details of these songs from the UK 1992 singles chart.

Artist Sort by Arist Song Title (Click to view) Sort by Song Title Weeks Date Number One Sort by date
Whitney HoustonI Will Always Love You1029-11-1992
Charles and EddieWould I Lie To You215-11-1992
Boyz II MenEnd Of The Road325-10-1992
Tasmin ArcherSleeping Satellite211-10-1992
The ShamenEbeneezer Goode413-09-1992
SnapRhythm Is A Dancer602-08-1992
Jimmy NailAint No Doubt312-07-1992
ErasureAbba Esque507-06-1992
KWSPlease Dont Go503-05-1992
Right Said FredDeeply Dippy312-04-1992
Shakespears SisterStay816-02-1992
Wet Wet WetGoodnight Girl419-01-1992

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